Abused His Entire Life He Screams In Terror When Touched, Then An Angel Reaches Out

It’s always one of the most heartbreaking things an animal rescuer sees:

When a poor animal is so terrified of being in the shelter that he screams and cries, or worse, tries to bite anyone that nears him.

But there’s often a light at the end of the tunnel.

Once these scared and distrustful dogs are are shown a bit of love, they turn into loving, normal animals.

Sometimes, though, they just need that angelic touch to get them to see the light…

One dog that showed up at the Breasta Animal Shelter in Craiova, Romania had been severely abused most of his life.

The poor thing had never known a loving hand.

When he was trapped and brought to the shelter, every one of his wild instincts came to the front.

He refused to allow anyone to come near him for any reason.

Those who knew dog behavior knew that his cries and whimpers were warning signals that he was nearing the end of his rope.

Since such dogs rarely have a chance at finding a home, his options were pretty slim. It was a fair bet he would be euthanized soon.

This time however, the frightened dog got lucky. The staff members took pity on the poor thing and refused to give up on him.

One of the staff members, known as something of a “dog whisperer,” stepped in.

No one knows exactly what she said to him, or maybe it was just the tone of her voice, but after a few days of her ministrations, his cries grew a little less frantic.

This woman worked her magic on him every day until finally he stopped crying whenever he was approached, and even let her put her hands on him.

It truly was a miracle!

For the first time in his sad life, this little pup was feeling love, literally and figuratively.

You could almost see his muscles relax and his entire demeanor change as he realized that his harsh past was over.

Once he would allow the staff to pet him, they realized how very emaciated he was beneath his thick fur, so they got him on good food and checked him out to be sure he was healthy.

As soon as he was mentally able to handle the journey, the pup was sent to the U.K. to a rescue group that gets dogs out of Romania and into good permanent homes.

Rescuer Kerry Wollacott posted an update on Facebook saying that Kayne had been paired with a foster family in the U.K.

Can you imagine the joy he must have felt at being in a real home? With people who actually care about him?

Since then, he has found a forever home with a loving family!

He is finally living the life he always deserved. And not only does he have new humans, but he also has new doggy friends, too!

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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