Owner Starts Filming Dog At New Home, Watch Her Adorable Reaction To What’s In The Backyard

During the winter months, everyone seems to love visiting Florida. With highs in the 70s and little rain, who can blame them?

But the summer months can be brutal for those not used to the Florida heat and humidity. Not to mention the daily 4:00 pm thunderstorms that seem to roll up out of nowhere.

Regardless, the weather is typically beautiful compared to some other regions of the country.

Perhaps that’s why this dog was so excited to go outside when her family moved to Florida. Christy is a West Highland Terrier.

At the time when this video was filmed, Christy and her family had just moved to the Sunshine State.

Christy can be seen anxiously awaiting the opening of the back door. She can’t wait to get outside and explore her new digs.

She barks. She spins. She jumps. When the door finally opens, her response is priceless.

Christy takes off running at full speed and then immediately jumps into the deep end of her new pool. She happily swims and frolics as she cools off from the Florida heat.

Then she climbs out using some built in stairs, shakes herself off and promptly runs and jumps right back in. This dog loves the water like none other.

No doubt this dog will be taking full advantage of her family’s pool this summer. She just needs some great new pool toys to enjoy while she’s in there.

What a great way for this lovable pooch to beat the heat, get some great exercise and likely entertain her people. What an awesome dog!

Watch the video to see how very excited she is!

Source: We Love Animals



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