Mom Set Up A Hidden Camera Because A Teddy Bears Kept Disappearing, Try Not To Laugh Out Loud

Young children love to sleep with their special furry friend. Sometimes that is a pet.

More often it is a stuffed animal. Sometimes our pets like to sleep or play with their favorite furry friend as well.

We all love seeing animals playing and snuggling together. There is something heart-warming about watching two pets loving on one another.

But sometimes they also just want a stuffed animal, too. You will have to watch this video to see exactly what I mean.

It was bedtime for the long-haired dachshund named Arvo. The adorable little guy with dark brown fur headed to the crate where he sleeps.

His mom set up a hidden camera to see what he was up to. It seems that a teddy bear kept disappearing. Now she knows exactly what has been happening to it.

Arvo needed a teddy bear to cuddle with. He finds the teddy bear, grasps it in his mouth and pulls it into his crate. But the bear does not fit.

Arvo is a persistent little guy though and just keeps on trying. Eventually, he pulls the stuffed teddy bear all the way into his small crate. It is amazing that there was any room left for Arvo!

At least now his person knows where her teddy bears have been disappearing to. And Arvo has found a cuddly friend to snuggle up with at bed time.

This is so cute you will hardly be able to bear it. (We had to do that somewhere in here, right?)

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