Meet Eclipse! Goes To The Dog Park Every Day…Look HOW She Gets There, WHOA! 

You know that look. You’re busy, trying to finish what you’re working on so you can take your dog out for a walk.

But she’s impatient. She sits there staring at you, or she might whimper at the door.

This is the story of one dog who had enough.

She used to take the bus with her person each day to the local dog park. But her person kept taking too long. So, Eclipse took matters into her own hands.

The 5-year-old Mastiff – Labrador mix had taken the bus with her person so many times that she knew just what to do.

Eclipse decided that she would go to the dog park all by herself. And she did!

Her adventure was such a success that she’s done it nearly every day since.

Each day, Eclipse boards a Seattle bus and travels through five stops until she reaches hers where she gets off and enjoys her time at the park.

When her person, Jeff Young, misses the bus with her, Eclipse simply finds an open seat and makes a new friend out of whomever is sitting next to her.

Her fellow bus-riders love it! She has even developed a fan club calling themselves the Ecliptomaniacs.

Eclipse has even become such a valued member of the community that the King County Department of Transportation featured her in a music video.

It stars Eclipse as she travels throughout the city using the city’s new Puget Sound Trip Planner app. She also has her own Facebook page!

Check out this other video to see Eclipse for too. She’s unbelievable!


Source: I Heart Dogs

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