Lonely Dog Refuses To Leave A Target Store. Then People Read The Sign Around His Neck, And Their Jaws Drop

Dog lovers often emphasize one canine trait above all others:


This is the biggest reason why dogs are man’s best friend. This is what makes us love them so damn much.

Such a faithful companion can’t be found anywhere else in the animal kingdom, and that’s a fact.

Ever seen that t-shirt that reads, “Dogs have owners, cats have staff?”

It’s true. We form such an unbelievable bond with our dog friends, and that goes double for a 3-year-old retriever in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

His name is Jackson and he’s the epitome of a loyal sidekick.

Shoppers saw Jackson sitting outside a local Target store and weren’t sure what was going on…

His owner didn’t appear to be around and he didn’t have a leash. Furthermore, he was wearing a sign around his neck.

When shoppers got closer, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The sign read:

“Dad told me to wait here.

Me waiting.”

His “dad,” Steven Moore, rescued Jackson from a shelter and a mere month later, this dog is doing EXACTLY what his new parent told him to do.


And unsurprisingly, everyone loves Jackson. He’s such a good dog and though he willingly accepts pats on the head, he refuses to leave his post.

As Steve told WTAJ:

Everybody wants to take him home.

I just find that amazing because four weeks ago, nobody wanted him.

Yes, the dog nobody wanted is now loved and respected.

This is why we urge kind people to rescue animals from shelters; they deserve a happy life and they will always reward you for your efforts!

Companionship, loyalty, and unconditional love are your rewards for giving them a new life.

Think about it.

Source: NTD TV

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