Mom Horrified When Dog Throws Daughter Across Yard, Then She Realizes The Terrifying Reason Why

Sometimes people are leery of adopting an older dog that may come with a host of problems that caused it not to work out in a previous home. Some believe that an older dog will never bond with a family like a puppy will.

Both ideas may have some minor validity, but anyone who has done any work at all in animal rescue can tell you a hundred stories that prove that a rescue dog will be so grateful for being surrounded by love again that they truly become a “new dog.” And as for not bonding with their new family?

And as for not bonding with their new family? One Australian family is living proof that any animal will bond with anyone that treats them with love and respect.

Catherine Svilicic went to the local dog shelter when she was looking for a companion for herself and her three children. After much deliberation, they brought home Khan, a Doberman Pinscher.

Khan was a beautiful dog that had been abused, starved, neglected and eventually abandoned. The Sivilics decided they were the perfect home to give Khan the life he deserved.

Khan fit easily into their home and seemed to be the perfect dog. He adapted well to being around the children, especially 17-month-old Charlotte.

People usually ask at a shelter, or from a breeder, if this or that dog is “good with kids.” The question is best asked in reverse, “are your children good with dogs.” A good parent knows that no very young child should ever

A good parent knows that no very young child should ever be left alone unsupervised with any animal. For that reason, Svilicic always stayed nearby when Khan and Charlotte were playing together.

Khan had been with them about four days and Svilicic was beginning to relax a little, realizing that Khan was adjusting beautifully to their family. She sat on the porch and watched while Charlotte played with Khan in the yard.

Suddenly, she was horrified to see Khan lunge at Charlotte and nudge her quite aggressively. Svilicic jumped to her feet and was on her way towards them when Khan suddenly picked up Charlotte by her diaper and literally threw her across the yard.

He threw her more than a meter,” Svilicic said.Like she was a rag doll.”

She opened her mouth to shout at him in anger. But, before a sound could come out of her mouth she watched in horror as a king brown snake struck at Khan from beneath their house.

Khan screamed in pain and ran into the house, where he immediately collapsed. Svilicic picked up Charlotte and got her inside, then went for help for Khan.

The king brown snake is one of the longest venomous snakes in the world. It is one of the most dangerous snakes in Australia, the only place they are found.

Most Australian vets and physicians keep king brown snake anti-venom nearby. They realize that their venom is so deadly that if the victim does not receive an injection almost immediately there is little chance for survival.

Svilicac got the anti-venom for Khan, but no one could be sure it had been administered in time. Khan struggled throughout the night, his family by his side.

He was still alive the next morning and has continued recovering daily. Snake experts say that little Charlotte would have most likely not have had that same result because of her smaller size.

She literally owes her life to this big black and tan dog. A dog that someone else abused and threw away as if he were disposable.

The family, and now the world, is in awe of Khan’s bravery and devotion to a tiny human he had only known four days. Literally risking his life to keep her safe.

We owe him for the rest of his life,’’ Sivilicac said.

Thank you, Khan, for being a lasting reminder that dogs bond with humans because of a shared love and respect. Love has nothing to do with age or length of time.

Watch this video to see the Sivilicac’s story along with other pet hero stories. Share these great pooches with your friends and family.

Source: The Epoch Times


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