Dogs Are Always So Excited To Reunite With Their Soldiers – Then, Um, There Are Cats

Our armed service personnel sacrifice so much for our country. Not only are their lives on the line in case of strife, but they have to spend so much time away from their families.

Videos of the homecomings of our soldiers are one of the most popular searches on YouTube. Whether they’re being reunited with significant others, parents, children or even their pets, the videos almost always give us a really big case of the feels.

The raw emotions of the soldier that’s seeing his family after such a long time away will bring tears to the eyes of even the hardest hearted among us.

It’s not just humans that get overjoyed at being reunited with their loved ones. Videos abound of dogs that excitedly leap into their owner’s arms as soon as they catch sight of them.

Soldiers coming home and expecting a warm greeting from their feline families however, may be in for a rude awakening. Cats are persnickety creatures at the best of times.

It’s the rare cat indeed that greets his owner with anything other than quiet disdain that they didn’t arrive sooner.

A soldier might arrive home after years away from home…to find that his cat appears to have not even noticed that he’s been missing. And the soldier that’s hoping for any sort of happy reunion moment may end up sorely disappointed.

We hope those cat owners were aware that cats are somewhat fickle creatures, at best. It certainly isn’t anything personal when they refuse to deign to offer their gratitude to the returning hero.

I’m sure there are lots of cats who may greet their owners with affection every time they return home. But, they are in a very small minority.

A video was created for YouTube of cats “welcoming” home their absent soldier family members. Unlike the many videos of ecstatic dogs leaping about and making fools of themselves, these cats maintain dignity at all times.

Thanks to the folks that shared their personal experiences with returning to their cats after a long tour of duty away from home. We hope eventually the cats made up for their lack of interest with some major sucking up to their owners.

Source: Animal Rescue Site

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