At First They’re Excited For The Car Ride, Then They Realize Their Destination

Most dogs love a good car ride. They see that leash in our hands and race to the door.

When they realize that we’re heading to the car, most dogs wag their tails and jump about happily.

But then there is that moment when they realize we’re not heading to a friend’s house or to the park. We’re heading to the vet.

“It’s ok. I’ll be there with you the whole time.”


“You are NOT taking me to the vet.”


“NO! Not that place!”


I’ve got you, buddy.”


“Why did you bring me here?”


I see where you’re heading.”


“If I stay very still, maybe the vet won’t be able to find me.”


“No thank you, I don’t want a shot!”


“Hold me, Mommy!”


“If I can’t see the vet, maybe he won’t see me.”

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Samantha Roberts

Written by Samantha Roberts

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