Mom Set Up Camera To See What The Dogs Do When She Leaves, Be Prepared To Have Your Heart Melted

Hidden cameras are nothing new in today’s day and age.

We know they’re watching us almost every time we enter a store. We also know that sometimes they’re in homes as part of security systems, nanny cams and other surveillance systems.

So, it’s not surprising that more and more pet cams are showing up.

Some are even marketed specifically for pet owners so that we can see what our furry friends are doing while we’re gone.

This is the story of a woman who set up a camera to see what her dogs do when she leaves. The outcome shocked her beyond belief.

These dogs’ person adopted two of them so that they would have companionship and a friend to play with when she was out of the house.

But she found that they may be a little too attached to her.

About ten seconds after she leaves, the dogs begin howling up a storm. One of them is staring at the door while howling.

A couple of minutes later, they are still howling and both are staring at the door, looking out through its window.

By the time the woman had been gone for five minutes, both dogs are snuggled up together at the door watching through the window in the door. They reportedly stayed there until she returned home.

What do you think? Is it good for dogs to be so bonded with their person that they long for them to return in such a fashion or should they feel more comfortable and secure alone?

Source: We Love Animals

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