Dog Escapes When He Sees His Best Buddy, Watch The Adorable Way They Greet Each Other

In today’s Facebook era, we often think of “friends” as the number of people watching us on social media.

But real friends are much harder to find. Real friends are there for you anytime day or night, whether you live next door or across the country.

This is the story of two special canine friends who can teach their human counterparts a lot about what real friendship is all about.

Keep reading and I guarantee your heart will be moved.

Messy is a yellow Labrador living in Thailand with his mom, Oranit Kittragul.

They live in a typical neighborhood with houses lining the streets just as we would expect to see in the United States.

Across the street from Kittragul and Messy is another dog-loving family.

But Audi, a beautiful husky, is often left outside in the back yard when his people leave. And sometimes he gets lonely.

“When he feels lonely and cries, I always ask my dog to see and talk to him, Kittragul said.

“My dog just looks from my fence and sometimes he barks to [Audi]. I don’t know what they are communicating, but he stops crying.”

It’s pretty clear that Messy is in some way comforting Audi with her barks.

Then the fateful day came when the two met in person. But it wasn’t planned. Audi’s person accidentally forgot to latch his gate one day.

The lonely husky noticed and left his yard. But he didn’t run away. He ran to his friend.

“He ran to my dog and they hugged each other,” Kittragul said.

The two sweet pups hugged one another for a short while before Audi was taken back to his yard. Hopefully, the two friends will have many more opportunities to play together.

This is most definitely a friendship worth encouraging.

Source: The Dog Channel

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