HAHA! What Dogs Know About Personal Space? Here’s The HILARIOUS Answer!

Many of us have dogs that seem to know nothing about personal space. They get up in our faces, push us out of the way and constantly lick and jump. But we love them anyway!

  1. Look! There’s another dog in that car!



2. What a comfy bed!


3. What’s for breakfast?


4. Ahhh…a relaxing afternoon in the sun. 


5. Why do the biggest dogs always think that they’re lap dogs? 


6. There are some times when we just can’t snuggle. 


7. Hey! You took my spot!


8. This pillow is a bit lumpy but it feels great!

9. Mom said I couldn’t sit on the new couch, so I had to find another place!


10. Make way for the king!

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