Dr. Setzer Ordered To Euthanize Debo, Looks Into Beautiful Pups Eyes And Makes A Heartwrenching Decision

The sad fact is veterinarians have to put down animals all the time.

It’s just part of the job and the reasons for euthanization are many.

Perhaps there’s no hope for survival, or maybe the owners simply can’t afford the expensive medical process of keeping it alive.

Poor Debo, a sick 7-year-old pit bull, falls into the latter category.

When Dr. Setzer met Debo, the ailing canine was suffering from severe eye and ear infections, as well as hookworms and heartworm disease.

It wasn’t looking good for the otherwise happy pooch.

Despite his condition, though, Dr. Setzer said Debo was the kind of dog “that comes in and the whole room lights up.”

The only problem is that Debo’s owners just couldn’t afford the multiple necessary treatments.

So they asked Dr. Setzer to euthanize their dog, thinking there really was no other option.

But it was going to be especially hard for this big-hearted vet. Said Dr. Setzer:

He just kind of came in and the whole staff just fell in love with him.

He leaned up against me and he was really sweet, rubbed up against me and I just loved him right away.

The vet just couldn’t find it within himself to euthanize Debo, so he contacted Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue to help with the medical bills.

That was just the first step.

Then Dr. Setzer placed Debo in foster care while the dog went through an extensive medical process.

It was a long and painful routine but the brave dog has survived!

He still needs a lot of medical attention but hey, that’s what Dr. Setzer is for, right?

All in all, Big Heart Rescue raised over $1,200 to help Debo, and they hope to raise another $2,700.

If you’re interested in donating, visit this YouCaring page to help out!

Now, all thanks to a vet who simply couldn’t manage to say goodbye to such a lovable pup, Debo’s future is clear.

And as Dr. Setzer said:

My ultimate goal is to get him to a healthy state and get him into a home with hopefully at least two or three children, wife and a husband that they really love him and treat him as part of the family.

That’s what he needs. He’s craving that and I think once he gets that he’s going to be just fine.

Beautiful. 🙂

Source: iHeartDogs

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