Couple Rushes To Help Dying Cat, It’s Neck Is Bound, Get Totally Blindsided By What Happens Next…

Curiosity killed the cat, as the old saying goes. Fortunately, rescuers were able to get to this stray before it was too late, but as they solved one problem, but a much bigger one followed with this rescue.

The cat in this story nearly lost his life from rummaging through garbage cans. Like most strays on the streets, it gets its meals where it can find them.

On one bright California day, Christ Gattas and Kimberly Sexelby saw a cat that had something odd around its neck. Looking closer, they knew that this cat needed help pronto or it was going to die.


Around its neck was an empty tape roll. It was so tight that the cat could barely breathe. They knew they had to catch the cat in order to help him, so they decided to set a trap.

The problem was that the cat ignored the crate and didn’t move from the spot where he was sitting.

Chris decided to try another way to catch him and got a net. It was a struggle, but he was able to catch the cat in the net and then they shoved the cat in the crate. Next, they headed for the vet.


Arriving at the vet they realized how bad the situation really was. When the doctor removed the tape roll, the cat’s neck was seriously infected because the tape roll had been on it for so long.

On top of the cat’s injuries, he was severely dehydrated. He would have a lot of recovering to do. You could look in his eyes and see that he was sick.


It just so happens that Chris and Kimberly found the cat on Valentine’s Day. They felt a great connection to the cat, and decided that they were going to adopt him! They chose the perfect name – VALENTINE.

After Valentine was treated and gained strength they took him home. Never having had affection, her was really skittish.


He started to become more and more affectionate as he became stronger and healthier. Kimberly and Chris were not going to give up on Valentine.


But as always, with a little time, and a lot of love, Valentine learned to accept love and give it back, living the life he should have been living all along.


Source: Honest To Paws

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