Little Raven Found An Extraordinary Way to Comfort This Dying Shelter Dog

Little Raven informed her mother that she wanted to adopt a dog from the animal shelter, and that she really wanted it to be an old dog.

“I want to adopt an old dog, one that no one else wants,” she told her mother.

As hard as it is for a parent to welcome a senior pet into their home because it can mean that heartache may come sooner and your child, her mom couldn’t help but be touched by her daughter’s request.

Then Raven saw an American Staffordshire Terrier rescue named Kaylee on the shelter’s website, and she told her mom that Kaylee was the dog she wanted to adopt.

Her mom checked the information on the dog and told Raven that the dog was sick and maybe she should look at another dog to adopt.

Raven told her mom that she knew the dog was eleven years old, that the dog was given two months to live, and  that “they don’t deserve to die alone.”

What does a parent say to that?

So the family adopted Kaylee, and they created a bucket list for her that she would enjoy before her time on earth was up; they would make her last days her best.

Here’s the awesome video of Kaylee checking items off of her bucket list. She is so happy!


Though the family has had to make a few sacrifices along the way, not one family member regrets it.

“Kaylee has reminded us of the good in the world. [She has taught] my children… compassion in a way I’ve never dreamed possible. They happily gave up a vacation to Disney World because we needed the money to pay for Kaylee’s care. They told me, ‘That’s ok. We wouldn’t want to go without her anyway,” Raven’s mom said.

Thanks to Raven’s love, Kaylee has already lived beyond the two-month prognosis and is thriving with her forever family!

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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Written by Cate Bryan

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