Dying Woman Has One Final Request From Her Special Friend, Onlookers Left Speechless

Most of us have Bucket Lists. A list of all the things we want to do before we die. But, we usually make plans to do those things while we are still able to enjoy them.

What would be the one thing you would ask for if you knew that you were in your final hours of life? Who would you want beside you? What would you want to do?

For one German woman in a Bavarian hospice awaiting her final breaths, there was only one thing she requested. Only one thing that she wanted to do for one last time before she passed.

She wanted to see her horse again. For one last time, she wanted to feel her and be near her and relive all the wonderful memories they had made together.

The woman had spent many hours with the horse, Dana, over many years in one of the city stables.

According to Nordbayern, to fulfill the woman’s last wish, staff at the Klinikum Furth clinic arranged for her Iceland mane, Dana, to be transported to the hospital.

Josef Rauch from the clinic knew that time was running out for his patient. (Her name was withheld at her request.) He told the horse farm, “If we want to do it, it should happen today.” So he made the call to the stable.

The owner of the horse realized the urgency of the request. He made necessary arrangements immediately, even though he was preparing for a holiday.

Rauch knew that by the time a patient came to them they no longer had any extra time to wait for things to happen. “When they come to us, it is often no longer months or weeks, but days,” he explained.

Just three hours later, the horse arrived, and the woman was wheeled out to the courtyard in her bed. With help from one family member, she nuzzled Dana’s nose with her hand.

She watched as the horse was led away before she was taken back to her room. She passed away shortly afterward.

The touching reunion was captured on camera and uploaded to the clinic’s Facebook page, Klinikum Fürth, with the photo caption: “Now, in the presence of her family, the patient has once again been able to pet her former care horse – a moving moment for everyone present.”

The post continued, “Many thanks to all interested parties for this unforgettable action – especially to the staff of the Reitstalls Witting Hoff for the commitment and the spontaneous willingness to transport the horse to the Clinic Fürth!

Source: NTD TV

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