Elderly Bear Is Trapped In Rusty Cage For 30 Years, Then A Life-Changing Miracle Happens

 Fifi is a Syrian brown bear that she was forced to perform for 10 years in Pennsylvania at a roadside zoo

After that, Fifi was left behind in the abandoned zoo, locked in a tiny, cramped, concrete cage for 20 years. Abandoned, along with two other bears from the roadside zoo, she was left to starve to death because they were rarely given food.

They were trapped in their cages, living a nightmare that no animal should have to endure. They were never let out to walk in the grass or just move around for a while.

People tried to get the cruel owner of the abandoned zoo to release the bears to someone who would care for them, but he refused. That is until 2016 PETA was finally able to convince him to let them go.

They raced to the cages where the bears were held and floored by the sight before them.

Fifi was a pitiful sight with a filthy coat that just hung on her tiny body. Her eyes looked dead as if she had given up and just wanted to die rather than stay in the rusted cage for another minute. The 30 years of captivity had really done a number on her.

From World of Animals “The Wild Animal Sanctuary who assisted PETA in the rescue noted that “The four bears only had small rotted wood boxes to lay in, but were not large enough for the bears to fit into completely – nor did they have an end wall to close off the box from winter snow and cold. Their owner felt they shouldn’t hibernate and made sure they stayed awake each winter for decades (this is extremely detrimental to the bears’ health and well-being).”

At first, rescuers were concerned about the risk of trying to move Fifi, but at 32 years old she deserved to live her last years being free. They took her to Colorado to The Wildlife Animal Sanctuary.

After 30 years of suffering, she finally had food and proper medical care. This, on top of being able to wander through the grass and get the much-needed exercise to gain strength.

In a few short months, Fifi began transforming into a real beauty. See the pictures below of her life now.


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