Sad, Elderly Muffy Spent 15 Years In A Shelter Before Waking Up To One Very Special Angel

Poor old Muffy had a rough life. She had been caught on the streets and been brought to the shelter, then released only to end up back in the shelter again.

Her ear was cropped, meaning she had been part of a catch and release program for feral cats, but she eventually was sent to the Fayette Friends of Animals organization in Pennsylvania.

From there she was fostered for a very short time and returned to the shelter again where she ended up staying for years.

Over those years, Muffy seemed to accept the fact that she would live out her life in the shelter. The staff wanted her to have a family so badly, but the senior cat, who was now 15-years-old, just kept being passed over.

Then one day she caught the eye of Scarlett Wable when she was stopping by to drop off some supplies she’d gathered for the shelter.

She noticed Muffy curled up in a cat bed and asked about the old cat with missing teeth, scars, a tattered ear, and stiff legs.

The staff expressed their fear of her living the rest of her life in the shelter. Scarlett went over to Muffy and started petting her, and she purred.

It melted her heart, but she didn’t adopt Muffy because she had seven cats already.

A few months passed, and Scarlett came back in to apply to be a volunteer, and that’s when she saw poor Muffy again, still in the shelter cat room.

It ripped her heart out that Muffy was going to live out her last years without a loving family.

Scarlett and her family filled out an application to adopt Muffy and went to pick her up a few days later.

Source: The Dodo

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