Panicked Elephant Digs Like Crazy For 11 Hours – Villagers Are Blown Away When A Miracle Pops Out!

Wild animals dig for all sorts of reasons.

Sometimes they’re looking for food; other times they’re seeking shelter.

But when an elephant started digging into a well in the village of Jharkhand, she was desperately looking for something far more important.

Villagers noticed the apparently panicked elephant digging a pit and while many were worried, they didn’t dare get too close.

That’s one very large animal, after all, and she was obviously distressed.

So the villagers just let her work all night and into the next morning. She never stopped. She was going to reach her goal.

11 hours she dug. She was tireless and absolutely nothing was going to distract her.

And that’s when what appeared to be a pile of mud started to emerge from the pit!

As it turns out, that moving blob of dirt and grime was in fact a baby elephant…mom had been digging to save her child!

Of course, the mama elephant couldn’t quite dig her beloved free, so villagers distracted the parent with bananas while they pulled the baby free.

And when mom saw her little one was safe, she rushed to the calf’s side…and it’s one of the most heartwarming things you’ll ever see.

This is the epitome of parental love and responsibility, right here, and we see it all the time in the animal kingdom.

They will do whatever it takes to protect and save their young and it’s always amazing to watch!

Source: NTD TV

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