Store Employee Sees Something Trapped Under Cart…When He Moves It, His Heart Breaks At What He Finds

You can get almost anything you want at Trader Joe’s. People flock from all over for their fresh fruits and vegetables and two dollar wine that’s actually drinkable.

The folks that work at Trader Joe’s are proud of their extensive inventory.

They enjoy stocking the shelves after the doors close to be certain that everything customers want is right in front of them every time they shop.

One night, as an Oregon crew was closing up, they found something underneath one of their carts that wasn’t there to be put on a shelf.

Something they certainly never expected to find in the aisles of Trader Joe’s.

A teeny tiny dog. Shivering and cowering as far back in the shadows as she could get.

No matter how sweetly they cajoled or what kind of treats they offered her, she refused to budge. Reaching in for her just made her retreat further into the darkness. And tremble even more.

She was terrified and showed no signs of calming down. It was almost time for the staff to clock out and go home.

But, they refused to leave the little dog there alone to fend for herself. All six of the remaining employees made it their job to get her out of her self-imposed prison and into their arms.

They were very concerned that she was injured. She was shivering so much and they feared that was from pain more than fear.

Finally, one of the men lifted up the cart long enough that another employee could whisk up the tiny pup.

She wouldn’t move even when we offered her treats,” Grace Benavente, one of the employees, told The Dodo.

She was shaking heavily and didn’t make a sound. After several minutes of us figuring out if she was injured or not (she wasn’t) and trying to soothe her, we decided to get her out.”

“We weren’t sure how tightly she was hiding under the carts so several of us lifted the cart she was under while a coworker reached in and gently pulled her out.”

Even after the little dog was safe in someone’s arms, she didn’t stop trembling. She also kept looking around anxiously, obviously looking for something she couldn’t see.

The employees took turns holding her and soothing her and assuring her that everything would be ok. Luckily, the little girl was wearing a collar that told them her name was Zoe and someone loved her.

The collar was correct. Calling the telephone number on the collar reached Zoe’s frantic parents.

They answered on the first ring and told the crew through tears that they would be there in 10 minutes.

Only when Zoe heard a familiar car driving up and heard her parents calling her name as they ran across the parking lot towards her did she lose the anxious look on her face.

Her trembles of fear turned into wriggles of excitement as she struggled to get down to run to her family. There were tears all around witnessing the happy reunion of a dog and the people who loved her.

I was holding her when they pulled into the parking lot, and as soon as her owners got into the light and said her name she wiggled so much she almost flew out of my arms,” Benavente said.

I handed her over and she began licking her owner’s face and was the happiest dog I’ve ever seen.” 

It turned out that Zoe had been through some major upheavals in her life. The trembles and fear were certainly for good reason.

The only home she could remember had burst into flames recently and Zoe had been rescued from it through flames and smoke.

Then she had to get used to a new home. She had been helping her family unpack in the garage when she had accidentally gone too far out of the yard to find her way back.

Thank goodness she ended up at Trader Joe’s instead of in the wrong hands. We’re all grateful for the caring people that soothed her and gave her safety until her parents could find her.

Don’t you just love a happy ending? We hope you and your family will find blessings galore in the new home, Zoe. Your biggest one is simply that you are all there together!

Source: The Dodo

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