This Excited Puppy Can’t Stop Smiling, Look At The Incredible Reason Why She’s So Happy, It’s Epic!

Just a few months old, Matilda suffered from irritated skin and worms in her belly.

The stray puppy needed a home and wasn’t taking to shelter life after being rescued by Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo from Pibbles & More Animal Rescue in Georgia.

Matilda was described as “nothing short of perfect” by her rescuer, but Matilda obviously didn’t want to spend her life in Douglas County Animal Shelter.

Bowles-Chiofalo decided Matilda needed a change of scenery quickly.

But she didn’t know if the pup would handle another move.

The drive to get away from the shelter was 1 ½ hours, and Bowles-Chiofalo was forced to stop several times for a snuggle session with anxious Matilda.

Matilda’s anxiety turned to excitement, as she must have realized she was bound for a special place.

The pup’s smile ran from ear-to-ear as her tail wagged endlessly in anticipation of her new foster home.

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She wags her tail so hard that she walks crooked.

Matilda’s joy knew no bounds after a few days with her foster mom, who reported an unbelievable amount of tail wagging from the pup.

“She wags her tail so hard that she walks crooked,” her foster mom said.

She reported that Matilda loves to give kisses, and the pup uses “the cutest bark” to gain attention from other dogs in the house. Matilda’s excitement can’t be contained as she bounces around like a bunny and plays with all the toys.

Not all is perfect for the “perfect” pup. She’s still recovering from irritated skin and fights wearing a collar because of it, according to the foster mom.

But Matilda won’t let that stop her as she continues to give kisses, wag that wild tail and tackle the foster “paparazzi.”

Whenever a camera comes out, her foster mom said, Matilda jumps into all-out happy attack mode to avoid the spotlight.

“She’s hilarious and I wish I could video everything,” her foster mom said. “But as soon as I pick up my phone, she runs right at me.”

Looks like Matilda will be wagging her tail wildly at home for a long time.

Source: Pawpulous

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