Little Faith Is Dying From A Fatal Disease, But In Her Final Breaths She Shocks Everyone

Life can be cruel.

We just can’t fathom the reasons why some things happen.

For instance, why should a baby, any baby, get a fatal disease? Why should a puppy like Faith have such a short time on earth?

And this adorable puppy isn’t the only one that suffers, either.

As an example, at an animal shelter in Ankara, Turkey, there are many animals that are coping with terrible diseases.

And when a mother from the U.S. saw the story, it just broke her heart.

She thought, “why not adopt one of these forsaken pets and give them some love? Why not give them some peace before they die?”

That’s how Faith came to be with this mother’s wonderful family.

The puppy was so weak, she couldn’t even get out of the box she was transported in.

All she could do was close her eyes and enjoy every second of affection, because she’d had so little of it in her short life.

Faith was actually one of three puppies the family adopted from the shelter, and the first two didn’t make it.

Tragically, it didn’t look like Faith would, either.

As she was suffering from distemper, nobody expected her to survive, as the final stages of the affliction cause seizures and loss of coordination.

Yes, things were looking bleak. But at least the puppy could indeed die in peace.

The family expected to lose her every day. They just waited for Faith to bid this world a tearful goodbye…

Miraculously, though, it never happened. She just kept fighting.

The days passed and Faith refused to succumb.

And now…well, you won’t believe your eyes!

Source: Family in Turkey Brings Home Dying Puppy To Pass in Peace But He Surprises Them All by PAWsitive on Rumble

Source: Honest to Paws

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