Family Adopts Dog Named Zuzu And She Stares At Them All Night, They Break Into Tears When They Find Out Why

Rescue stories melt our hearts like nothing else can.

We hate the idea of animals being abused or neglected. So, when one is rescued and has a happy ending, our hearts are warmed beyond belief. This is such a story.

Zuzu had a sad start to her life. The two-year-old Shepherd mix had a home with another pet in the home.

They were close, and Zuzu became severely depressed when her companion passed away. Her family didn’t want a depressed dog, so they returned her back to the animal shelter she’d been adopted from.

Zuzu’s depression continued at the shelter. She was subdued and scared until the unthinkable happened. Zuzu’s family returned to the shelter.

She barked with excitement as she thought they were going to take her back home. But they didn’t. Instead, they adopted another dog.

Zuzu’s story hit social media. People were appalled at the behavior of Zuzu’s previous owners and argued that they should not have been allowed to adopt another dog at all given their outrageous behavior.

A couple heard of Zuzu’s story and sprang into action. They adopted Zuzu. She now has a forever home with her new canine companion Dodger.

Zuzu’s new family loves her dearly. But Zuzu still behaves a bit strangely. When Zuzu’s family goes to sleep at night, she sits by their bed watching them sleep. She’s still there watching them when they wake.

Her family took her to the vet where nothing was found wrong with Zuzu. The doctors concluded that Zuzu’s odd behavior was out of fear. She was afraid to lose her new family just like she lost her first one.

But her new family happily declares that this won’t happen. Zuzu has her forever home, and she deserves it!

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