Donya Heard Her Daughter Scream And Her Dog Yelp, But Couldn’t Know They Were Facing Death

Sometimes one has to trust one’s own gut. There have been stories revealed of how one’s gut decision saved their life.

In the case of Donya DeLuca, her gut decision saved the lives of many of her beloved family members.

You see, Donya listened to her gut when she decided to adopt and bring home German Shepherd Haus.

Her husband wasn’t 100% sure that they were ready to take on another dog, as their family dog recently passed away.

However, Donya was insistent on keeping Haus, and soon the family began to bond.

That newly created bond was the reason that Donya’s daughter is alive today.

One afternoon, Haus saw a rattlesnake approach Donya’s daughter, and he immediately leaped up and stood between the snake and his human, protecting her as he always did.

He stood up to three rattlesnake bites before the snake finally disappeared, and immediately the family drove Haus to the vet for treatment.

Though Haus arrived in very poor shape at the vet hospital, the fact that he was able to come through this horrible situation alive is nothing short of a miracle.


From We Love Animals…

To save his life, the veterinarians at BluePearl had Haus on a constant drip of anti-venom. Despite being in a critical condition at first, Haus is on his way to recovery, surprising the veterinarians. Donya had described his condition to be “semi-miraculous” and added that Haus would wag his tail to greet her whenever she visits him. 

So when you’re ready to adopt an animal, trust your gut. He or she may end up saving your life!

Source: We Love Animals

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Written by Cate Bryan

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