Family Dog Battles Deadly Cobra For Half An Hour, Can He Save His Elderly Humans?

Some are born heroes, others are forced into it

We are no strangers to stories about dogs taking care of their humans. Some provide assistance on a daily basis as trained professionals. Some are “emotional therapy animals” simply providing comfort to those with fragile emotions.

Others walk beside their handlers on patrol beats, as canine cops.

Then, sometimes, we hear stories of dogs that put themselves in harm’s way to save the humans they love.

That was the case of Mouli, a three-year-old dachshund who was loved by an elderly couple in Kerala in South India.

Mouli had lived with the couple since he was just a month old. They had shared their lives for 3 years and loved each other dearly.

Mouli was playing outside in the yard when he suddenly started barking hysterically. The couple came to the door and were horrified to see Mouli fighting with a cobra, trying to keep the cobra away from their front door.

Mouli kept getting between the snake and the door, protecting his people. They fought for over 30 minutes while the couple watched in impotent horror.

They had called the local police immediately, but by the time they arrived it was too late. Mouli had succumbed to several bites from the deadly cobra.

Give your pet an extra hug tonight. Think about all the times he has given of himself to make you happy. Chances are, he would lay down his life for you without hesitation.

Chances are, he would lay down his life for you without hesitation. Just as little Mouli did.

Rest in peace, Mouli. May you join other canine heroes waiting at Rainbow Bridge for those they died protecting.

You will definitely not be alone. And you remain here, in our hearts.

Thank you for your bravery, and reminding each of us how important it is that we remember to give thanks for those that share our lives and make our lives better just by being there.

We will remember.

Source: NTD TV

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Bobbye Hudspeth

Written by Bobbye Hudspeth

Bobbye Hudspeth is a freelance writer living in a little cabin on a creek in North Alabama. She shares her mini-farm with two mini dachshunds, two cats and two fantail pigeons. She is involved in animal rescue and is currently writing a book on combining aerobics and the pool.

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