Family Is Relaxing In The Pool, A Shocking Visitor Shows Up And Decides To Join Them – They Freeze

During summer months, there’s no place to escape it all quite like a swimming pool. On the hottest days of a year, sometimes a dip in a shimmering pool is the only way to truly beat the heat

It’s a lovely place for floating and daydreaming. It’s also great for exercising and building muscles while staying cool and hydrated.

As one family swimming in a pool discovered while visiting the Elephant Sands in Botswana, Africa, a swimming pool can also be a great place to come for a cool refreshing drink.


If you are an elephant. Like the old joke says, “Where do you go to get a drink when you’re an elephant?” Answer: Anywhere you want to.

The visitors had been told that occasionally elephants would come right up to the pool.They were still surprised when they heard a rustling at the edge of the bushes surrounding them.

Their surprise grew even greater when an enormous elephant stepped through the bushes and ambled up to the very edge of the pool. It stopped and looked at them for a few moments before apparently decided that the puny humans didn’t appear very threatening.

Lowering its head, it dipped its trunk into the water and took a nice long drink of water.

After getting its thirst sated, it waggled its ears at the humans in some sort of elephant greeting.

Then it turned slowly and ambled back through the brush. It left the visitors to Elephant Sands with a hard-to-forget memory.

How many of us can say that we swam in an elephant’s drinking bowl? In case you’re concerned about the chemicals found in most pools, the Elephant Sands pool is kept all natural for just such occurrences.

Although a natural mud water hole can be found nearby, some elephants with advanced palates obviously prefer a different flavor from time to time. Clean water with a dash of human, please?

When elephants show up at your swimming pool, there’s one thing you can be sure of. They always have the biggest and best swimming trunks.

Watch the entire thing unfold in this video. It would be quite a shock, wouldn’t it? How would you react?

Source: All Cute All The Time


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