Funny Farm Animal Fails That Are Simply Hilarious!

We’ve all seen prank shows and prank videos online. But have you ever thought about pranking your pet? Some people do.

But then there are also times when animals appear to prank themselves, those times when they fail so horribly that it’s no doubt as funny as a prank.

Farm animals are no different. They sometimes do things that are totally unexpected and ridiculously funny.

Take for example the television reporter who is knocked over by a huge hog while trying to pet it while on air. Or the goat who tries to jump over a small barrier to enter his pen. He fails and then falls over stiff as a board. Don’t worry. He’s not hurt. It seems that goats often do this when they fall down.

Then there are times when people fail with animals. Like a woman who gets pecked by a chicken or who simply cannot seem to stay atop a horse no matter what she does.

And let’s not forget what can happen when a person tries to ride a bull. And no, this is not a professional rider or a show ring. More than one person has mistakenly tried this trick.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you gave a horse a squeaky toy? They really seem to enjoy them!

And man versus goat? The goat will most definitely win! Again and again. And don’t even think about taking one to a restaurant with you.

Some animals try so hard to do something but just can’t seem to find success. That never stops them from trying though! Check out this video of farm animal fails.


Source: FailArmy

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