Farmer Thought His Hen Had Finally Laid An Egg…Gasped When It Peeked Out At Him!

Birds are some of the sweetest and most beautiful creatures to watch, but they do not have the reputation for being soft and cuddly.

We do not typically think of birds as nurturing in the same way we think of mammals.

Chickens, for example, are social with other chickens but really could not care less about humans around them unless we have food ready to hand out.

They tend to focus on solely doing chicken things rather than trying to engage with people.

Like all animals, stereotypes apply at times but are never always true. This is the story of a hen who seems to break the rules when it comes to being a chicken.

She seems to enjoy socializing with other animals and humans much more than her chicken counterparts.

Living on a family farm her entire life, she has learned that other animals and people are not predators and that she can trust them.

In the video below, you will see one strange encounter that her people had with this friendly hen. They noticed that she was nesting.

Normally, this would seem like typical chicken behavior, but her people knew that she had not laid any eggs.

They decided to investigate and were shocked at what they found. The friendly hen was nesting on top of a litter of kittens!

A mother cat had given birth in the hen’s nest. Rather than chase them out, she had not only welcomed them but was even sitting on them to keep them warm just as she would have for her own chicks.

This one is just so precious! Watch the video.

Source: All Cute All The Time

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