Rescuers Desperately Try To Save Exotic Animals As Wildlife Park Goes Up In Flames

Anyone who’s ever read, “Bambi,” or watched the animated version of the story knows that fire is deadly to all animals.

Many simply can’t escape a raging fire that gives no indication where it will burn and offers no mercy to any beast caught in its deadly path.

Complicate that story line with exotic animals in cages, and uncontrolled smells of fire and death.

That was the case after a fire started at a wildlife park on the island of Malta.

Before long, the fire raged as exotic animals such as tiger cubs, birds and others at the park cried for help because they were trapped in their cages and pens.

Staff quickly began removing and rescuing animals as local firefighters attacked the flames with all-out effort.

Fire isn’t merciful, and some animals died, according to a local official.

Most animals at the park were rescued, and officials credited quick action from park staff and firefighters.

Without these hard-working and brave people, many more animals would have lost their lives.

Once all surviving animals were medically evaluated, they were transferred to other facilities, according to officials.

Fire is a danger for all, and it’s great to see dedicated staff and rescuers fighting for vulnerable exotic animals in parks such as this.

We need to save all we can through conservation and protection.

Source: TVM

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