When A House Fire Kills a Police Officer’s Pooch, a Hero Firefighter Steps in

Police officer Doug Armstead of Bluffton, South Carolina, lost his home. Sadly, it burned to the ground after a devastating house fire on Christmas Eve.

He got out in time, along with his wife and five kids, but unfortunately, their beloved pooch, Anni, didn’t make it.


One firefighter who arrived at the scene, Eric Swanson, and his wife, Lottie, were present when Doug was given the heartbreaking news — that his precious dog Anni didn’t make it.

It tore the Swanson’s hearts in two to see how upset the police officer became when he heard the news.

Because of Doug’s dedication to his job and his community, and because his family just experienced one of the most devastating losses, at Christmastime, no less, the Swanson’s felt that had to do something to help the family.


Eric and Lottie wondered if a new puppy would cheer up the family, but it was so soon after the loss of their little Anni they needed to be sure they would want one right now.

Lottie called one of the Armstead’s neighbors to ask her, and she said the family would definitely love a puppy right now.

That’s when Lottie sprang into action.


That Saturday, friends, family, and neighbors showed up at the Armstead’s temporary home.  Mr. and Mrs. Claus came along to deliver the new puppy and some good cheer.

The entire family ended up in tears over their new furry friend.

Doug said that not only is the puppy good for the kids’ morale, it also gives them some joy after the devastating loss.


Even though the Armstead’s lost everything that had in the house fire, they are rich beyond measure. You see, everyone should be so lucky to have such loving family and friends to help them through it.

Plus, the Armsteads have the love of a precious new puppy.

Source: I Heart Dogs

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