Firefighter Poses With Veterans Dog, What The Vet Asks Of Him Next Will Make You Cry

In addition to saving lives, firefighters in Charleston are known for their calendars.

Each year, the firefighters pose for the calendar with proceeds going to the Charleston Animal Society.

The photo shoot for the March 2017 firefighter changed his life forever. He surely had no idea what was coming when he showed up that day.

Firefighter Rob Tackett posed with a young German Shepherd named Kimber.

Kimber was a success story for the Charleston Animal Society. She had been found hairless and undernourished on the side of the road.

After receiving a lot of love and care, she was adopted by a combat veteran.

Steve Hall served in the Middle East as Marine sniper. He returned home from combat scarred by all that he had seen and suffered from PTSD.

His dog Scout was a primary source of comfort for Hall during tough times. So, when Scout passed away, Hall and his wife knew they needed to get another dog.

They happily welcomed Kimber into their home.

At the photo shoot, Tackett and Hall met and bonded over shared experiences. Hall and his wife were shocked to see how Kimber behaved with Tackett.

“Her owner and his wife told me she wouldn’t go around any guys, and when I first met her she curled up in my arms, it was an instant connection. She felt safe with me, Tackett wrote on his Facebook.

Hall soon developed serious medical issues as a result of his combat injuries. He required surgery on his neck and back.

Unfortunately, his recovery did not go well. Hall realized that he and his wife could no longer care for Kimber, so they asked Tackett to adopt her.

“He was heartbroken. He said, ‘My health is not where I want it to be. We can’t take care of Kimber. I don’t want her going anywhere else,’” Tackett wrote.

While it is tragic that Hall could no longer care for Kimber, it is inspiring that he recognized her needs above his own and the needs and ability of another to care for her. Tackett has adopted Kimber.

The pair will be training in the near future so that Kimber can visit and comfort other veterans as she did Hall.

The love and comfort Kimber shares with those who know her now will be a blessing to those courageous veterans who will soon know her.

Source: I Heart Dogs



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