Massive Injured Hammerhead Snagged In Line, Fishermen Stunned To See Why It’s In Distress

They couldn’t believe their eyes!

Fishermen can reel in all sorts of surprises.

And sometimes, they catch a whole LOT more than they bargained for…

A group of fishermen in Venice, Florida caught a huge hammerhead shark that appeared to be injured.

Not only were they stunned that they’d caught a hammerhead, but when they realized what was wrong, they couldn’t believe their eyes…

It was obviously in some distress but at first, they couldn’t figure out why.

That is, until they pulled her to the pier and took a closer look. That’s when they found the cause of the animal’s great distress…

Not only was she seriously injured, she was also pregnant!

And she was about to give birth any minute, too.

They quickly untangled the mama shark, but it took them hours to release her from the line on which she was hooked.

Then they found the baby hammerheads that were trying to break free from their mother’s body.

After a lot of struggling, the fishermen were able to deliver no fewer than 20 babies and set them loose in the sea.

The only sad part is that the mother was too badly injured to survive the event.

Even so, what these fishermen did is nothing short of miraculous because even though mom didn’t live, her 20 offspring certainly did.

One important note: Hammerhead sharks are an endangered species.

So in point of fact, the fishermen are actually heroes!

Watch the incredible event below:

Source: NTD TV

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