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Formerly Homeless, Now Pip the Cat Is a Beach Bum That Surfs

Although most cats do not enjoy the water, Pip does. He even likes to surf! The tiny orange cat has spent most of his life as an outdoor cat, as well as homeless. When he showed up at an older woman’s door, the lady decided to feed him. The ladies neighbor, Laura Meadows saw Pip and wanted to keep him as a pet, but her family would not let him. So she asked her older sister to take the adorable cat. Emily Meadow says,


“My sister begged me to take him and we were just watching him, assuming we would take him to the humane society. But then the humane society was full and we had to keep him, so that’s how it all started.”


After introducing Pip to their other cats, Emily and her husband decided to take him to a local beach because they knew how Pip liked being outside. When they arrived Pip loved the sand and even the water too! In fact, the couple decided to put him on a boogie board. After a little bit, the cat began to surf. Emily explains,


“He caught a little wave and stayed on the board. When the board hit the shore, he hopped off and just walked along the beach like everything was normal. That’s when we knew that Pip was a very special cat.”


Pip is an extraordinary cat. And his love of the beach does not stop at the waves. After taking him to surf, the couple found that Pip also loves paddle boarding — and even the boardwalk!

Who knew a cat could be so social?

If you’re like us, and you can’t get enough of Pip the surfing cat, don’t worry. Just follow his Facebook page and keep up with all Pip’s many adventures.

On the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland store owners love to see the adorable cat, especially since he is so well behaved. Please share Pip’s journey with friends! I bet they won’t know any cats that surf!

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