Forsberg Is Devastated When Ginger The Cat Dies, Then His Family Gives Him A Special Gift That Melts His Heart

It changes everything…

The bond between animals and people can be rather intense. They are known at many times to be our best friends.

They have the uncanny ability to recognize when we hurt and provide love and comfort at any time.

Animals within the same family also bond with one another. When we are away from home or busy with human matters, animals often turn to one another for love, comfort, and companionship.

An orange tabby named Ginger and her golden retriever brother named Forsberg are two such friends and family members.

The two were inseparable and had a bond so great that it seemed as if they came as a pair rather than two individual animals.

They completely defied the stereotype of dogs and cats not getting along.

Then the fateful day came when Ginger passed away. She had been diagnosed with cancer.

Forsberg was beyond saddened by his best friend’s death. He was lonely and depressed. Nothing his people did seemed to bring him out of the funk he was in.

Knowing how badly he was missing his companion, his family decided there was only one thing they could do to help him.

His mother, Jen, brought home a new kitten named Max for Forsberg.

Forsberg was thrilled to have a new kitten to play with and the two quickly bonded. Forsberg also became much happier. He once again had a feline friend to snuggle with.

And Max has also bonded well with Forsberg. While a friend and family member can never be replaced, we always have more room in our hearts to love someone new.

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