Found In An Abandoned House Alone And Starving, Sweet Violet Is Finally Given A Chance

Violet life had been a nightmare. She was tossed to the side like she was nothing.

She was found living in an abandoned house in Louisiana until the Humane Society rescued her.

She had neither water nor food. She was so weak that she could barely walk.


Violet had lost most of her fur and was covered with open wounds. And, the worst part was she wasn’t the only dog the Humane Society found in the house.

As soon as they were discovered, they were all rushed to an animal hospital and treated for their health problems.

After a couple of weeks of antibiotics and baths, Violet began to look like a completely different dog. And, it wasn’t long before she was ready for adoption.


It didn’t take long for Violet to be scooped up by an adoring family. And, she has already grown close to the feline member of her new family.


Thanks to the hard work of animal rescue organizations, dogs in situations similar to Violet have a chance.

We need to remember to do everything we can to help organizations like the Humane Society so that they can continue to do their important work.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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