FrankenKitten Is The Name Given To This Unrealistic Looking Kitty

A family found two kittens under their house. One of them turned out to be a “FrankenKitten,” and we can’t get enough of the little guy!

Let us tell you all about this special kitty cat.


An Australian family found a pair of male kittens under their porch. Not seeing a mother cat anywhere around, the family couldn’t just leave them there to fend for themselves.

So, they got the kitties and took the two adorable kittens in to take care of them.


The kittens needed to be checked out by a veterinarian, of course, so the family took them to the Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS).

One was no ordinary kitten, though.

One of the kitties had four ears, and only one eye!

He also had a bad overbite. The vet said they would have to remove some of Frankie’s teeth, so they didn’t grow into the roof of his mouth.

The staff at the shelter labeled him “Frankenkitten,” or “Frankie” for a nickname.


One of the employees, Georgi, decided to take Frankenkitten home to foster him while he recuperated and waited for his forever home.

What she didn’t expect was to fall so in love with Frankie. She had fostered so many cats – nearly 80 in the last year!

But Frankie was super special, and Georgi soon signed adoption papers.


The new family member is settling in with Georgi and the rest of her animals quite nicely.

He loves to have all four of his ears rubbed, and in return, gives Georgi kisses on the nose.

Because of Frankie will need ongoing medical care, GAWS has decided that they will treat him “no matter the cost.”


If you’d like to keep up with Frankie or see more adorable pictures of this unique kitty, head over to his Instagram page.

Isn’t he amazing?

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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