Barn cat walks up to pregnant goat having contractions. Then the cat starts helping…

Animals have more compassion than many people do.

And they often have much more than we expect them to have. Even knowing this, it is still surprising to us just how far many animals will go to show compassion to a human or to another animal.

Pretty Boy is a cat with unimaginable compassion.

Pawpulous reported that the fluffy feline came upon a female goat preparing to give birth. Rather than simply walking on and minding his own business, Pretty Boy’s natural compassionate instincts took over.

Pretty Boy did all he could to ease the pain and discomfort experienced by his goat friend. He massaged her with his paws, kept her company and even slept beside her.

You have GOT to see this video!

Pretty Boy stayed with the Momma goat for several days until the babies finally arrived.

He was there to welcome three new baby goats into this world. Anyone witnessing this level of love and compassion would have no doubt that Pretty Boy has become a member of this goat’s family.

All three of the babies are happy and healthy. And they all seem to like their Uncle Pretty Boy.

Pretty Boy’s midwifery abilities are astounding. Who knew a cat, much less a male cat, would know how to care for a mother goat in labor?

Watch above to see this precious cat massaging the goat’s abdomen, helping her through the contractions. The original video of this amazing scene has gone viral with over 27 million views on USA Today’s Facebook page.

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Source: Pawpulous, USA Today

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