Watch This Video Called ‘God Made A Dog’ – You’ll Never Look At Dogs The Same Way Again

Dog lovers all over the world are so thankful to have their furry companions.

We can not imagine our lives without them. They provide love, comfort, companionship, laughter and so much more.

Those of us who are also people of faith have likely thanked God for the precious gift of their dogs. We have also been known to pray for them.

The creator of this video surely understands the divine gift of the dog. He modified the creation story from the Bible to include the specific moment when God created dogs.

His explanation of why will change the way you look at dogs forever.

For all the reasons you have ever been thankful for your dog and for many others you may have never thought of, you must watch this video and then say a prayer of thanksgiving for your dog.

God looked down on all that He had made and realized that people needed a companion, “so God made a dog.”

God knew that people needed someone who would love and comfort them in good times and in bad times no matter what, “so God made a dog.”

God knew that we needed a companion who could be strong enough to protect us in war, yet loving enough to calm a baby, “so God made a dog.”

God knew that we needed someone who could make us laugh uncontrollably yet who was also able to help heal our broken hearts, “so God made a dog.”

God knew that we needed a companion who would be patient and loyal even when they felt a little lonely, “so, God made a dog.”

Source: We Love Animals



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