Cuteness Overload..Here Are 10 Pics Proving Why Golden Retriever Puppies Are Completely Irresistible!

Golden Retrievers have long been one of the most loved and sweetest dog breeds around.

Who can resist those sweet, furry faces? The only thing better than petting a Golden Retriever would be petting their puppies!

While we can’t do that here, we can at least share some great puppy pictures with you.

Yep, seven puppies. We’re all here!


I’m adorable, and I know it!


Golden photo bomb!


I used to fit in here.


Ahhh…I could rest like this all day.


Any parent who can get their fur kids to do this deserves a medal!


Photo time!


High five!


Double high five!


Let’s set sail!

Source: Bored Panda

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