Animals Have Taken Over Google’s Campus, Confused Employees Now Know Why

Every high-tech company is hustling to showcase its latest and greatest eco-friendly project.

Anything they can do to outshine the competition and make a name for themselves is fair game.

Companies show off their accomplishments so they can hire the latest and greatest employees.

But sometimes, it’s the new hires who are the eco-friendly project.

Google had a growing problem at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters complex. Executives there needed a way to hedge their weed problem.

Google just hired 200 goats but wait till you hear their job description!

As Google is good at doing, the company thought outside the box to search out a green solution.

Executives found 200 “new hires” willing to smoke their grass and weed problem.

California Grazing sent a herd of its finest lawn maintenance “experts” – 200 goats.

Guided by a well-trained Collie, these goats can eat their way through any ill-maintained lawn. And, they provide natural fertilizer with each patch they clear with their insatiable appetites.

The eco-friendly effort – which costs about the same as a fleet of lawnmowers – has been a hit with employees. They enjoy watching the cute goats bleating and frolicking as they get their fill of grass and weeds.

Don’t let Google’s green success fool you. The company wasn’t the first to employ and deploy goats for lawn care.

Yahoo found its own herd of hooved grass and weed munchers back in 2007.

While Google may have arrived second to the green party, their search for natural lawn maintenance solution was a match.

Source: NTD TV

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