Goose Won’t Stop Pecking At Cops’ Patrol Car, Shocked When They See Why She’s So Frantic…

We’ve all heard about “Mother Goose” but few of us have met her in person. Most people think she is just the fictitious author of a group of children’s poetry in the 1700s.

But, a few police officers in Cincinnati, Ohio met a real life “mother goose” recently. They didn’t get to hear her recite any poetry. But, in fact, what she did do was even more unbelievable.

Officer James Givens of the Cincinnati Police Department was on patrol near a park when a goose started pecking at his car. He found it amusing, but didn’t give it much thought.

He initially assumed that the bird was just hungry. Geese do have a reputation for being a bit, well… peckish, after all.

But this bird seemed a little more persistent than one would if they were simply pecking at bits of insects and debris stuck to a car. She would peck, and then walk away. Looking over her back as if to say, “Well, come on. Whatcha waiting for?”

So, eventually, Officer Givens listened to her. And he and his partner Officer Cecilia Charron quickly followed her.

They thought that maybe they were just going on a wild goose chase. What they found was not anything near what they expected. One of the mother goose’s goslings had come in contact with the strings of a balloon and was terribly tangled.

Without outside help, it would be at risk of predators. As severely as it was tangled, its life was also endangered just from the string cutting into its skin as it struggled.

Usually, a mother (or father) goose is very protective of its offspring and will attack anyone who comes near. But, this one was smart enough to know that almost always police officers are good guys. So, she just stood back and watched.

It took a while to get the baby untangled. Officer Charron took over the main duty while Officer Givens stood guard to keep passersby from interfering. The mother goose was obviously nervous, but she waited back a few feet while her baby was being rescued.

Eventually, her patience was rewarded and the previously trapped baby was returned to its flock.

After a cursory once-over to be sure he had was none the worse for wear, the mother goose nodded her head in thanks to the officers and returned to her family.

Father goose had remained with the rest of his rather large family while the mother was overseeing the rescue of the one in need. They shared a quick congratulatory kiss before leading their kids out of sight.

Officer Charron said that, in the 24 years that she’d been on the police force, this was the highlight. She and Officer Givens were delighted to pose alongside a park ranger with the balloon that had ensnared the young gosling.

Officer Givens knew that a story like this wouldn’t stay a secret very long. He used the opportunity to remind people to be mindful of where their trash ends up. While someone probably didn’t think something as harmless as a balloon could be an endangerment to wildlife, it obviously can.

If this mother goose were related to the original one, perhaps tonight kids might go to sleep being told the story of the baby goose that got into trouble. And of the kind police officers who made sure that the baby was returned back home safe and sound.

We are happy to report one more story that has a happy ending. We just love those, don’t you?

Source: Honest To Paws

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Bobbye Hudspeth

Written by Bobbye Hudspeth

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