What Happens When You Combine A Gorilla and A Wading Pool…Pure Magic!

When they are in the wild, some animals perform some fairly bizarre actions. We’ve seen some of the mating rituals of mammals and birds that put to shame even the very best pickup performances of humans meeting in bars.

Sometimes these behaviors are exhibited even if the animals are in captivity. Some of them are signals to trainers and handlers that the animals are comfortable in their environment.

If acting carefree and exhibiting normal behaviors means they are happy, then certainly one teenaged gorilla in a zoo in Dallas, Texas is downright euphoric.

The following video shows how Zola the gorilla responded when he was given a kiddie pool to splash about in, complete with his own doughnut-shaped float.

Back in 2011, Zola’s dance techniques went viral after a video taken at a Calgary zoo where Zola lived at the time, showed him breakdancing in a puddle. He was seen spinning around in circles on one foot and then quickly stepping and stomping on both feet.

He has now returned to internet notoriety in a blue kiddie pool, where he has perfected his spin and adds some strategic splashes. His mouth is wide open and his arms are whirling around with his body in a manic blur.

“Truly a Maniac” he channeled the Flashdance cast as he danced about.

He took full advantage of every moment, spinning and flailing his arms about like a drunk man at a disco. Truly, he danced as if no one was watching.

But they were! The video of his dance moves went viral and he became an overnight sensation with millions of hits.

The pool wasn’t placed with Zola just for fun. Zoo personnel says the pool is one of the many enrichment items, devices used to better an animal’s behavior, used by Zola.

Using such enrichment items allows animals like Zola to get a change of scenery and activities which keeps them happy and better behaved.

Whatever the reason it’s there, we’re just glad Zola decided to share his joy with the world.

Source: CNN

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