Grandma Comes To Meet The New Baby — Her Grand-Pup’s Reaction Has the Internet in Stitches

There is nothing quite like the joy of bringing home a new baby.

After months of excitement and planning and worrying, it is now time to be the parent to this precious blessing.

All new parents have a lot of planning to do in order to get ready for their new bundle of joy. But there is never really a good way to prepare a pet for the new arrival.

Baby’s first pet!

Besides, they’ve been the baby of the house until now.

The dog in this video from American’s Funniest Home Videos is so jealous of the attention his new baby sister is getting.

She lies down beside her mom, puts her head on her grandma’s lap and holds on to her for dear life. She is desperately seeking the attention the baby is getting and Grandma is cracking up!

My grandma!

This pup really puts on a show. Watch the precious video – you’ll crack up too!

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