Grateful Pit Bull Can’t Stop Thanking His New Mom For Saving His Life

A sad pit bull named Russ was taken to a Philadelphia shelter in hopes of finding him a new home. He was so thrilled when he found his forever home that he couldn’t stop hugging his new person.

  1. Russ was so sad when he was first surrendered.


2. More than anything, he wanted a home. 


3. Russ had high hopes when he was finally adopted. 


4. And that’s when his true nature came out. 


5. Russ is so grateful to his new person!


6. He simply can’t stop hugging her!


7. Russ never wants to be apart from his new family. 


8. And they clearly feel the same way about him. 


9. This thankful pooch can teach us all a thing or two about gratitude!

Source: Just Something

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