This Great Dane Makes Friends Everywhere He Goes – Check Out Some Of The Strangest

Some dogs are homebodies. Some dogs are super cuddly. Some dogs are social butterflies. Then there’s Athena.

There is always a little bit of fear when a pet lover brings home a new pet. Will he get along with my other pets? Will he tear up my house?

Should I crate him or let him run free around the house while I’m gone?

Athena’s people had the same concerns that all new pet owners had. But they quickly learned that they had nothing to fear.

Athena was thrilled when she first arrived at her forever home. She knew that she would be loved and cared for from now on.

Athena was so happy to share her newfound joy that she began making friends with anyone who was willing. And some of her friends may surprise you.

Athena’s home included several other animals, and she quickly befriended her duck and parakeet siblings. She has a knack for making friends with every person and dog she meets.

Despite her large size, this Great Dane was the belle of the party at the local dog park. Everyone wanted to play with her, and no one seemed intimidated by her size.

Her friends soon started taking care of her. Her parakeet would groom her while she slept, trimming her nails and giving her a parakeet pedicure.

Athena’s mom continues to adopt animals in need of their forever homes. And Athena is always the first one to greet her newest sibling and welcome him or her into the family.





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