What Is The Greatest Gift A Donkey Can Get? These Lucky Desert Dwellers Just Found Out (Hilarious)

Across the country, there are hard-working folks who’ve dedicated their lives to the caring of animals. That includes Montgomery Creek Ranch. This wild horse sanctuary in Northern California specializes in the care and training of horses and burros. They also try to raise awareness about these majestic creatures, even offering some for adoption.

Recently they were made aware of a few donkeys in need of help. This herd of burros was from Arizona, the land of endless desert. When the ranch discovered these donkeys needed shelter, they jumped in to help!

Travelling all the way to Arizona, they picked up these donkeys. They would be taken to their ranch in Northern California, where they would be able to enjoy the sprawling vistas and lush environment of the region. They would also be trained by the shelter workers and perhaps adopted in time.

But something usual happened when the burros arrived at the sanctuary. And the ranch workers caught it on video.

Apparently, these donkeys spent their entire lives in the deserts of Arizona. Because of that, they were only familiar with the dusty, hard ground common to that terrain. So when they hopped off the trailer into the rich, shaggy grass of the ranch, they didn’t know what to do!

These donkeys were actually surprised by grass. Cautiously they sniffed the harmless foliage as if it were a foreign entity. Two brave burros climbed out first, quickly jumping back in surprise. But as they discovered that grass was indeed a fine substance, the rest of the herd piled out as well.

It’s an amazing sight. These donkeys lived their early lives in a harsh and dry landscape. They never knew the joy of trotting through a field of soft, welcoming grass. Thanks to Montgomery Creek Ranch, they now can do just that.

After a period of hilarious adjustment!

Be sure to share this amazing video with everyone you know. It’s a sight to be seen.

This is what it looks like when an Arizona burro sees green grass for the first time!We turned the burro herd out onto grass to get them used to this "foreign" terrain before turning them out on the ranch to run free. Truly an amazing sight:

Posted by Montgomery Creek Ranch on Thursday, March 17, 2016

Source: We Love Animals

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Written by Adam Casalino

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