Couple Hospitalized After Their Dog Is Violently Killed Get News That Saves Their Lives

No one should have to deal with losing their pet. When the couple we’re talking about today lost their fur baby vioelntly — it was so bad they both ended up in the hospital.

Oh no!

It’s terrible to lose a pet; they’re members of our families.

But there’s nothing sadder than an elderly couple losing a pet that keeps them company and is their reason for living.

Miguel and Ada Rojas had a 3-year-old Chihuahua and they took him everywhere with them.

They dressed the little pup in outfits and found so much joy in their precious pooch; they just loved him so much!

Then one fateful day, their beloved Chihuahua was attacked by stray dogs and killed. The couple was absolutely heartbroken.


They were so distraught that both had to be taken to the hospital.

You see, poor Miguel’s blood pressure shot through the roof, while Ada had to be given 100 stitches from trying to save their sweet baby.

Their daughter explained what her parents instilled in her, saying that “dogs are family, and money is nothing compared to their unconditional love.”

The Rojas were all devastated and understandably so.

A hero comes along

The following day, their story of how the couple lost their beloved pup aired on the local news.

One viewer’s heart ached upon hearing the story and decided to do something to help. So, they got the grieving couple a 9-week old Chihuahua puppy!

Ada and Miguel were surprised and very overwhelmed. They immediately took the little puppy in their arms and cried tears of joy.

Watch the touching video below; you’ll be in tears by the end of it, I promise!

Source: FaithTap

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