Uh-oh. These Dogs Are So Guilty – Look At Their Faces!

Dogs have some of the most expressive faces in the animal kingdom.

They can smile, pout, cheer, and of course, give us puppy dog eyes. But perhaps nothing is more frightening and funny to dog lovers than the faces they make when they know they’ve been busted.

I took down that door you didn’t want anymore. You’re welcome.


I’m not sure which one was busted here. Maybe both.


How many times have I told you not to go into my purse?


This was my pillow, right?


I thought I’d help you repot these plants.


Hiding in the shower? What did you do?


Go ahead, fine me!


Maybe if I stay really still, she won’t see me in here.


Well, if you’d turn the air cooler I wouldn’t have to cool off this way.


That explains how you’ve been getting out at night.


Source: Little Things

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