Back From Near Death, Hank Finally Finds True Love…But His New Mate Has Everyone Astonished!

When real love comes along, you know it. It’s not like anything you’ve ever felt for anyone or anything else in your life.

When you’re with your new love, you’re happy and content. Life just seems better. And when your new love is wrapped up around you, you know nothing can harm you.

It took Hank, a yellow Labrador Retriever a long time to find that security in his life.

He didn’t know a lot of love in his first home. He was abandoned when he was just a puppy.

His owner took him and his brother to a veterinarian to be euthanized when he was told that all the shelters were full.

The vet refused to do it but offered to find the puppies a new home. Fate, with some help from that wonderful caring veterinarian, put Hank into Alix Tolley’s home – where Hank would soon meet the love of his life.

But, first, Alix had to find the love of her life. Until then, she and Hank just enjoyed being together and being the very best of friends. Both of them still searching for that special something that was missing from their life.

Before long, Alix met the love of her life and they began making plans to be married. Hank accepted Alix’s new love, but he was still searching for love of his own.

Then the magic happened.

Alix’s mother-in-law gave Alix a beautiful blanket. It was a thing of beauty indeed. A lovely gift. And Alix loved it.

So did Hank.

He went beyond “loving it.” Hank adored it. He revered it. It was cherished. And he was determined that it was to be his and only his.

Alix was equally determined that Hank was not to have it. She hid it out of his reach, deep in drawers, behind the couch and under the bed.

But, we all know that if something is meant to be, it will be. And true love will always find a way.

Hank always found a way to end up with the blanket. And eventually, Alix decided that since she had found her love, it was only fair that Hank be allowed to have his.

So, Alix and her new husband eventually gave in and let Hank have the blanket. And they are never separated.

“He has loved a few holes in it,” Alix says with a laugh. But she is just glad that Hank is finally happy and fulfilled.

Alix told Today that she believes Hank’s obsession with the blanket may come from being separated from his mother too young, or perhaps he thinks he’s a cat.

We think it’s more likely that it’s just fate. Hank finally met the love of his life. A soft, comfy blanket.

May you live happily ever after. Amen.

Source: I Heart Dogs

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Bobbye Hudspeth

Written by Bobbye Hudspeth

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