After Raid On Sick Puppy Mill, Rescuers Never Expected This Precious Pooch’s Reaction To This 1 Common Item

Rescue workers have seen it all and heard it all. Nothing makes then roll their eyes further back than hearing someone say they aren’t interested in adopting an older dog because of their fears that the dog won’t adapt or bond with them.

Sometimes a dog can be so damaged that it makes it difficult for them to trust humans. Sadly, we all know that’s true. But, shelter workers are careful to make sure those dogs don’t go to people that are wanting a true “family dog.”

And there are hundreds of thousands of “family dog” prospects waiting around the country for that family to bond with.

Experience has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the right dog can live through everything and still come out with a temperament unbowed by abuse. These dogs will quickly adapt to family life. Usually, they are so grateful for a release from their abusive situation that they tend to bond even faster and harder than a pet that has never known anything but the good life.

One little dog that came from the most horrifying existence you can imagine is proving that daily.

It is horrifying to most Americans to realize that dogs in Korea are kept not as companions and confidantes, but as food. Meat farms have cage after cage of dogs waiting to be taken to slaughter to feed hungry families.

No one worries about the creature comfort of these dogs. They are not seen as creatures with hearts and souls and fears and pain. They are simply F.O.O.D.

Harriet is a gorgeous little furry black pup that was rescued from a Korean meat farm and taken to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

She was whisked out of the meat farm and put on the fast track to get her pack to the United States. We probably can’t imagine her terror. As frightening as the tiny cramped cage was, where she was forced to stand 24 hours a day with no room to turn around or lie down, it was at least famliar.

Suddenly, she was plucked out of everything she had ever known and strange humans were touching her and speaking to her in strange voices and she was beyond terrified.

Poor little Harriet made it back to US shores and began her new life. The kind staff at the Humane Society gave her a quiet place to get used to her surroundings. They gave her a bed to curl up on.

It almost broke their hearts when they realized she did not know how to lie down. She had never done it before.

One of the rescue workers in a daily update about the dogs from the meat farm said, “[Harriet] is spending the day in our Volunteer Manager’s office to help socialize her and, don’t worry, she was shown gently how to lay down and rest.”

They gently got her into a lying position on her new bed. It took Harriet a while to get used to it. Before long though, she was taking every opportunity to stretch out in comfort.

Can you imagine what that felt like? How your mind would have raced wondering what this feeling was coursing through a body that had never known how to relax.

Harriet proved herself to be one of those resilient creatures that can take what even the cruelest human can dish out and still be willing to trust the next one that comes along.

She is happily adjusting to the good life as a family house dog. She not only has a human family, but she also has a canine big brother.

Just weeks ago this Korean meat farm survivor didn’t know how to use a dog bed and now she is taking over the couch,” the rescue wrote in the caption of the photo below.

Rest well, sweet Harriet. While we will never understand a society that regularly includes canines on the menu, we are very grateful that you didn’t end up in a stew somewhere. Instead, you’re living the life that WE think dogs are born to live!

It’s a long scary road from being a caged meat source to wearing the latest fashions and sleeping on the finest upholstery. But, if ever a dog deserved it, it’s little Harriet!

Watch below – She is sleeping sitting up…

Source: I Heart Dogs

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