10 Images Proving Hens Make The Best Moms Of All, Get Ready To Say Awww

When you think of the best moms in the animal kingdom, chickens probably do not rank high on that list. But perhaps they should.

Some hens have been shown to be among the most loving and caring of mothers. Sometimes they even make great foster moms. Check out these photos and see for yourself.

Hen with her chick and her puppy.


Hen and her kittens. Admit it. This is even cuter than you expected.


Hen and her pigeons. I’m not even sure these are baby pigeons but the photo is adorable nonetheless.


Hen and her ducklings waddling off together.


Hen and her piglet.


Hen and her American Rhea chicks.


Hen and her puppies.


Hen and all her other ducklings!


We can’t leave the men out. Here’s a rooster and his baby goat.


Hen and her baby ostrich.

Source: Bored Panda

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